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    About Us
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Company Development Story

How we started

Choudhary Brick Kiln, Chak - 3BLW, VPO- Khotanwali, N.H.- 54, Tehsil - Pilibangan, Distt.- Hanumangarh, Rajasthan (335802)

Established in 1997 Producing quality products and supplying in Rajastan and Punjab. Marka on Bricks is and well known in SIKAR, JAIPUR, JODHPUR, BHINMAL, JALORE, KISHANGARH, BARMER, BALOTRA, BIKANER, NAGOR.

Our clients

Offshore Infrastructure Ltd is using our bricks from last 20 Years in Plana Lignite, Army Bikaner, PHED Project in Kishangarh.

We are Continously updating technology to Improve Quality and to ensure continous supply of bricks.

We Manufacture bricks with SNPC Machine for Homogeneus Structure, Regular size less water absorption and good strength.